Review of From Grace – Music Maker magazine

Although Gravel Town has been around for about seven years, the band has only recently recorded their debut album. You ought to think it’s a well thought through record, which makes the choice of the title- and opening track From Grace particularly notable. It’s ‘the stranger in our midst’ and later turns out to be a false start. It’s a Bruce Springsteen pop rock sound and therefore is not consistent with the rest of the album, which is mainly blues oriented. That is also the main comment because the other songs fit great together and are well balanced. You might just say that From Grace is a little too balanced. This characterises itself in predictable vocal lines that often go from low to high and back again. However, especially thanks to its musical setting, From Grace is still a very fine debut.

Ella-Milou Quist


Translated from the original article with consent of the author