Review of From Grace – OOR Magazine

Rotterdam has a thriving pop culture. The city is full of established artists and regularly a great talent surfaces. Someone that sticks out his neck and shows a great artistic performance is Michel Ebben, front man of Gravel Town. As a solo artist and singer-songwriter, he forces you into your armchair, with his band, he pulls you into the pop venues.

Debut From Grace scrapes, pries, scratches, excels and maneuvers between raw and hot-blooded pop ballads. Ebben, with sandpaper in his throat, diligently dives into the performance of the songs and does not fear giving everything he has by telling highly personal stories, such as For the Love of Marie and Room With A View, about his prolonged period with agoraphobia.

The self-produced album, recorded in France and Rotterdam shows us that many wonderful things can be found close to home. Gravel Town proves this with a fascinating cover of John Hiatts Hold On For Your Love for example. From Grace is an album that deserves a lot of listeners.

Hans van der Maas


Translated from the original article with consent of the author